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A New Way To Keep In Touch!

Hello Hello! Wouldnt it be nice if you could see in advance when videos are scheduled on my channel…not premieres…but the whole month, updated as I schedule videos?? Pick your faves….clear your schedule to watch them…lol..I know Im not that popular but it would be nice right??

Im working on creating a Google Calendar that will house my You Tube schedule in real time. One you could subscribe to and keep up to date on what’s coming to my channel

Google Calendar

And I need some beta testers! If you could click on the link above and make sure it takes you to my YT Schedule calendar, that would be awesome! Ill be continuing to update the July schedule as I upload videos, so if you could 1) subscribe to the calendar, add it to yours, etc. 2) watch it for few days and see if it updates as I update it, and 3) Come back and tell me how it worked…I would love you forever my dear followers!

AND…Ill throw in a giveaway too! One Beta Tester will be randomly chosen to receive a $10 gc to A Cherry On Top ( IF you are international, you can tell me which retail store is best for you to purchase from- I know international shipping is UGH!)

Please join my beta test! Id love to get this up and running for all of you. I make a detailed schedule of the content on my You Tube channel each month and Id love for you to have access to it as well!

Have A Lovely Day!


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